brickell capital puts the client's interest first because without our clients, we would not be in business


brickell capital was voted "top 20"
lenders and brokers by south florida business journal

private "hard-equity" loans

Brickell Capital originate and service private “bridge loans" secured by residential and commercial investment properties. We offer Investors, Builders + Developers:

Purchase + Cash-Out Loans
Fix + Flip Loans
Foreign Nationals Loans
Vacant Land Loans
New Construction Loans
New Project/Development Loans

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private "business purpose" loans

We offer "business purpose loans" secured by a borrower's primary residence.

This loan is designed to assist Borrower with business-related expenses where the purpose (or the net proceeds) of the Loan shall be used solely for non-consumer, business or commercial purposes, and not for personal, family or household purposes.

eligible property types

As an asset-based private lender, Brickell Capital relies primarily on the value of the property as opposed to borrower’s credit history, employment, personal tax returns or property’s revenue (or cash flow).

Brickell Capital offer private "bridge" loans on the following property types:

Single-Family Residences
Low and Mid-Rise Condominiums
Luxury Townhomes
Multi-Family Apts + Mixed-Use Projects
Boutique + Flag Hotels
New Residential Projects/Developments

our loan-to-values + loan terms

Brickell Capital is a direct lender and not a loan broker.  We originate, underwrite and close with our own funds .. and service all our private loans.

Our Loan-to-Values:
Up to 50% of Land Value
Up to 60% of the Property’s Appraisal Value

Our Loan Terms:
12mo to 36mo

Our Loan Sizes:
$250,000 to $25,000,000
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+ commercial
loan transactions

building "great things"

We appreciate your patience.

We are building "great things"

... and "great things" take time to build.

building "great things"

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who we are + what we do

Brickell Capital is a Florida "Private Bridge" Mortgage Lender.  We specialize in Residential and Commercial Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers and Foreign Nationals (NRA), New Construction + Loan Servicing.

awards + industry recognition

For the last 3 years, Brickell Capital was voted "Top 20" Commercial Lenders and Brokers by the South Florida Business Journal (South Florida's leading news outlet for residential and commercial real estate, banking, finance and business news).

mission statement

Brickell Capital puts the client's interests first, because without our clients ... Brickell Capital would not be in business